In its narrow sense, Islamic studies connotes academic fields which focus on Islam as a religious tradition.   In its broad sense, Islamic studies includes the study of the history, culture, and languages of regions in which Muslims are the majority.  For historical reasons, the Arabic language has a special place in both these areas.

With the support of a generous gift by UO alumnus Omar Alaskari, the Islamic Studies Initiative seeks to expand Islamic studies academic programming in Islamic Studies.  Please support this endeavor by signing up on the link on the home page.


Faculty Champions



Faten Arfaoui
Instructor of Arabic Studies

Contact:   |   541-346-4066

Diane Baxter
Middle East Studies Director, Senior Lecturer & Head Undergraduate Advisor of Department of Anthropology

Contact:   |   541-346-5157

Shaul Cohen
Associate Professor of Geography

Contact:   |   541-346-4500



Rick Colby
Associate Professor Religious Studies

Contact:   |   541-346-5735

Hanan Elsherif
Arabic Studies Coordinator

Contact:   |   541-346-7214

David Hollenberg
Associate Professor, Department Head Religious Studies

Contact:   |   541-346-8096



Angela Joya
Assistant Professor, Wayne Morse Resident Scholar

Contact: | 541-346-2544 | @Dr_AJoya

Malek al-Najjar
Associate Professor of Theatre Arts


Anita Weiss
Professor of International Studies

Contact:   |   541-346-3245